Christie. (hulahoophearts) wrote in xscene__pointsx,

I found new EuroTrash glasses.
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you do yo' euro thang, girl!

p.s. eurotrash party? what's the deal?
p.p.s am i supposed to give you points? the point system is as important here as it is in "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

uhm. 62 pts. no more no less.
As of now, the EuroTrash party is off. Unless the five people who know what EuroTrash is (You, Rachel, Jimmy, Brian, and I) want to dress up and hang out and listen to shitty remakes of Depeche Mode.

I <3 yo new glazzes.

Euro-trash to the ultimate-max.
Choo always know how to pull off that look.
85 points.

p.s.- I'm in for the euro-trash get-together. I say sitting around with 5 people who know what it means is better than partying with 50 people who don't. Sounds fantabulous. <3