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And they can dress dead bodies up in tight designer jeans.

Die-sel, Pra-da, it looks go-oo-ood.

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This community is for any potential scenester who want to earn the status as scene. You make an entry and members rate it. If it's scene, you'll get scene points. If it's bad, you'll lose scene points. If the entry is scene-to-tha-max!, you get 100 scene points maximum. If its totally lame-o, you get the lowest of 0. So, try to be as scene as possible, at all times.

1. You have to be quasiscene to be accepted.
2. You must post at least one scene picture (i.e. you wearing a scarf, sunglasses, a short haircut, etc...) of yourself to be accepted.
3. If your entries are totally lame and you never gain scene points, you'll be asked to peace the community.